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Dear Devyesh Rana, 

the mechanical properties your are referring to are best calculated by your own 
post-processing tools based on static CP2K calculations and as such, in my 
opinion, not matter of the electronic structure core itself. 
Even though the same holds also for the calculation of thermal and electric 
conductivities, they are indeed much more subtle. The former can be computed 
via the time-integral of the autocorrelation function of the heat flux. Alternatively, 
non-equilibrium MD techniques can be used for faster convergence, but do have 
their own problems. 
Please have a look e.g. at Donadio & Galli, Phys. Rev. Lett. 99, 255502 (2007) 
and references therein for a particular instructive treatment on the matter. 
Very recently, we have devised a novel approach, which appears to be very 
fast converging, but have only demonstrated that for the electric conductivity 
(thermal conductivity should be analog and is matter of current investigations) 
in solids, which only requires the calculation of the density matrix within CP2K: 

Thomas Kühne

> Am 31.07.2020 um 19:00 schrieb Dev Rana <dev.... at gmail.com>:
> Hello CP2K community,
> I'd like to request some features for forthcoming versions. Specifically, from MD being able to calculate:
> 1) electric/thermal conductivity and other electrical properties
> 2) Youngs Modulus and other mechanical properties
> Best Regards,
> Devyesh Rana
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