[CP2K-user] [CP2K:12267] charged slab calculation: how to modify the valence electron number?

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you can specify with CORE_CORRECTION an additional charge for 
the cores. The electron number you have to change by the 
CHARGE keyword. This can only be done in units of electrons,
no fractional electrons.


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Subject: [CP2K:12267] charged slab calculation: how to modify the valence electron number?

Dear CP2K users and developers:
I want to charge my vacuum slab model. In order to avoid the charge spreading over the slab, I use the distributed doping method by modifying the nucleus and valence electron number of elements. For 71 Pb atoms, I need 1/71 increase of the nucleus and electron number to introduce an additional charge. No problem with nucleus number with "CORE_CORRECTION", the electron number, however, cannot be changed even if I modify that in GTH_POTENTIAL file. I guess the code does not support a float type of electron number, but not sure with that. Can you give any suggestions for the charged slab calculation?
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