[CP2K-user] Where is cuda_cublas.F?

David Gunter da... at davidgunter.com
Thu May 16 17:46:21 UTC 2019

In several of the arch files in the current dev branch I see these lines at 
the end:

cuda_cublas.o: cuda_cublas.F 
  $(CPP) $(CPPFLAGSCU) $< > cuda_cublas.f90 
  $(FC) -c $(FCFLAGSCU) cuda_cublas.f90

However, I do not find cuda_cublas.F anywhere in the tree.

The reason I'm asking is that I am having zero luck getting a cuda-enabled 
version of CP2K to compile. I've tried various options found in this forum 
and elsewhere, many dated back to 2012. 

Looking at my compiler options from the cuda arch files given, these flags 
are causing errors:
DFLAGS = $(DFLAGSBASE) -DDGEMM=cuda_d_gemm -Ddgemm=cuda_d_gemm 
-DDSYMM=gpu_d_symm -Ddsymm=gpu_d_symmEnter code here...

Namely countless "undefined reference to `cuda_d_gemm_'" errors.  I was 
wondering where "cuda_d_gemm" is defined.
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