[CP2K-user] Sirius installation error when install cp2k with cuda support

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Wed Mar 13 18:33:21 UTC 2019


Dear developer and users, I encountered a problem while installing cp2k, would you please to give some advise?

If I use the following command to install cp2k without cuda support, it works well:
./install_cp2k_toolchain.sh --install-all --enable-cuda=no

But if I install it with cuda support like that:
./install_cp2k_toolchain.sh --install-all --enable-cuda --gpu-ver=P100

Installation exits at Sirius installation section:
ERROR: (xx/cp2k/tools/toolchain/scripts/install_sirius.sh, line 153) Non-zero exit code detected.
The following information displayed at the last lines of "make.log" file :
In instantiation of :

required from here

error: was not declared in this scope

scale_matrix_elements_gpu(prime().at(mem__, 0, i0__), prime().ld(), 
num_rows_loc(), n__, beta__);


make: *** [Makefile:37: sirius_api.o] Error 1

make: Leaving directory 'xx/cp2k/tools/toolchain/build/SIRIUS-6.0.0/src'

My OS is Ubuntu 18.04, and Cuda toolkit is 10.0, any suggestion is welcome!
Thanks in advance! 

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