[CP2K-user] [CP2K:11946] Ionic crystals with GFN-xTB

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we also found that xTB is rather unstable for some systems/atom types.
We think this is mainly due the 3rd order Coulomb term and the
value of gamma (its proportionality factor).
Currently, I don't have an easy solution ready. In your case I would
start with some test calculations on the simple molecules, e.g. CaF2.
You can then try to re-parameterize the atoms (or just the metal?).
You can add the parameters to the input file (see examples in the regtests)
for easy changes.


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Subject: [CP2K:11946] Ionic crystals with GFN-xTB

Dear CP2k developers and users,

Have anyone encountered a problem with GFN-xTB when modeling ionic crystals? If I set


When performing CELL_OPT of a CaF_2 supercell, the program stops with the following warning:

*** WARNING in xtb_matrices.F:1088 :: Atomic charges outside chemical   ***
 *** range were detected. Switch-off CHECK_ATOMIC_CHARGES keyword in the ***
 *** &xTB section if you want to force to continue the calculation.      ***

Setting CHECK_ATOMIC_CHARGES .FALSE. makes the calculation divergent. As I get it, the charges on Ca and F become more and more unphysical in every SCF procedure, and, concomitantly, the total energy becomes lower and lower. I have attached the input and output of the divergent calculation to this message.

Could anyone give a hint on what to do in this situation? I am interested in MD of solid-liquid interfaces with ionic crystals. GFN-xTB seems the best choice.

With best regards,
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