[CP2K-user] error in Installing libvdwxc using toolchains

Mozhdeh mozhdehmo... at gmail.com
Sun Apr 28 05:25:33 UTC 2019

Dear users and developers

I am struggling installing cp2k using toolchain on a newly installed ubuntu 
16.04 with gcc, g++ and gfortran compilers. 

           ./install_cp2k_toolchain.sh --mpi-mode=openmpi 

It all goes well until installation of libvdwxc. looking the log file of 
configure, I fixed aclocal.m4 problem but it stopped without any error on 
this stage in configure.log

          Generating aclocal.m4...
          Generating config.h.in...
          Generating configure script...
         Generating libtool scripts...

and I get this on screen

==================== Installing libvdwxc ====================
libvdwxc-master-429a80027a2ec2c97e2f6d9a3dc84843f2739865.tar.gz is found
Installing from scratch into 
ERROR: (./scripts/install_libvdwxc.sh, line 65) Non-zero exit code detected.

what should I do? I appreciate any comment.
Thanks in advance

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