[CP2K-user] [CP2K:11513] Re: number of g-vectors for grid

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As CP2K is not aware of the cluster-node geometry (it only knows
about MPI ranks) this cannot be the source of the problem.
I assume you are stretching the algorithm for g-vector distribution
until it breaks, with other words there is a bug.
However, I'm not able to reproduce it with the hardware available here.


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Sorry, my explanation was perhaps not clear enough.

The issue is with number of cluster-nodes and not the number of MPI-ranks. Of course, 128 MPI-ranks are fine. For instance, I tried 160x48x2, 108x12x8, and some more configurations (which reads as [Nodes x RanksPerNode x OmpThreads]). As a side-note, e.g. 108x12x8 hits a total rank-count that is typically preferred by CP2K (108x12 == 36x36 aka square-number). Back to my problem, I found 256 cluster-nodes work fine but none of the configurations in between 128 and 256 cluster-nodes. For me this translates in economic disadvantage for the end user given that less than 256 nodes can do the job.

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