Why doesn't the Cons Qty include the potential energy of shell (shell model) in NVE ensemble?

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Wed Sep 19 15:15:08 UTC 2018

Dear CP2K developers,

I am sorry to disturb you. I have some questions.
Recently I want to analyze whether the total energy is converged with 
core-shell model in NVE ensemble. I didn't use extra thermostat for shell.
I don't know why the Cons Qty energy = 
md_ener%ekin+md_ener%epot+md_ener%ekin_shell but not including the 
potential of shell? Is the Cons Qty the total energy? In NVE ensemble, 
which energy should be constant? ekin+epot+ekin_shell+epot_shell or 

Thank you very much~

Best wishes,

PS:The whole code of get_econs_nve function is following:

SUBROUTINE get_econs_nve(md_env, md_ener, para_env)
      TYPE(md_environment_type), POINTER                 :: md_env
      TYPE(md_ener_type), INTENT(inout)                  :: md_ener
      TYPE(cp_para_env_type), POINTER                    :: para_env

      CHARACTER(LEN=*), PARAMETER :: routineN = 'get_econs_nve', routineP = 

      TYPE(force_env_type), POINTER                      :: force_env
      TYPE(thermostat_type), POINTER                     :: thermostat_coeff
, thermostat_shell

      NULLIFY (force_env, thermostat_coeff, thermostat_shell)

      CALL get_md_env(md_env, force_env=force_env, thermostat_coeff=
thermostat_coeff, &
      md_ener%constant = md_ener%ekin+md_ener%epot+md_ener%ekin_shell

      CALL get_thermostat_energies(thermostat_shell, md_ener%
thermostat_shell_pot, &
                                   md_ener%thermostat_shell_kin, para_env)
      md_ener%constant = md_ener%constant+md_ener%thermostat_shell_kin+

   END SUBROUTINE get_econs_nve

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