Postdoc opportunities in the Prendergast Group at Berkeley Lab's Molecular Foundry

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Mon Feb 12 18:08:50 UTC 2018

The Prendergast Group <>, 
at Berkeley Lab’s Molecular Foundry <>, has multiple 
postdoc opportunities related to the study of dynamics in complex 
materials. We are eager to recruit talented postdocs to work in the 
following areas: 
1. Molecular dynamics and force-field development for heterogeneous systems
2. Materials and ion transport - adiabatic and non-adiabatic processes
3. Multiscale studies of condensed phase interfaces 
4. Ultrafast electron dynamics and advanced quantum-chemistry method 
Our group excels in the development of computational methods that link 
theory and experiment - establishing or validating atomic and molecular 
scale mechanisms for observable phenomena. We welcome postdocs with a 
strong desire to collaborate with other groups while developing new 
approaches to explore complex materials and their electronic/atomic 
structure. We encourage applicants with a strong programming background and 
expertise in the use of high-performance computing to drive their research 
in combination with excellent presentation skills and a strong track record 
for publishing their research in peer-reviewed journals. Research 
applications in our group range across the fields of electrochemistry, 
electrical energy storage, solar harvesting, hydrogen storage, simulated 
X-ray spectroscopy, ultrafast electronic and chemical phenomena, and the 
structure and dynamics of hybrid (soft-hard, organic-inorganic, 
solid-liquid, etc.) material systems.
Candidates must have obtained a PhD in physics, chemistry or materials 
science (or a related discipline). Positions are available to be filled 
immediately. Please send your CV to dgpren... at
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