Running the testsuite for all binaries

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Fri Aug 31 09:47:13 UTC 2018


I built successful CP2K on two clusters. Issuing the command:

$ make ARCH=local TARGET="sopt ssmp popt" test

leads on one to an execution of all three binaries of the testcase. But on 
the other platform only *sopt* is run. I.e. after the run I find:

reuti at clustere1:~/cp2k-6.1/regtesting/local> ls


reuti at cluster2:/scratch/cp2k-6.1/regtesting/local> ls
popt  sopt  ssmp

Is there any simple reason, why in one case only *sopt* could be run? For 
now I would say that I performed identical steps on both clusters.

-- Reuti
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