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Abstract Submission Deadline Extended

The deadline for abstract submission has been extended until April 30th.



Computational Chemistry meets Artificial Intelligence

13-15 June 2018

EPFL, Lausanne - Switzerland <>
The Computational Chemistry meets Artificial Intelligence (CC2AI) conference will be held at EPFL, Lausanne - Switzerland from June 13 to June 15, 2018.

The main goal of this conference is to bring together research groups from biomolecular simulations and ab-initio computations with those from machine learning and evolutionary/stochastic optimisation to further encourage the development of these fields.

Confirmed invited speakers include

•       Paul Ayers (Canada)
•       Albert P. Bartok (United Kingdom)
•       Kieron Burke (United States)
•       Pablo Campomanes (Switzerland)
•       Roberto Car (United States)
•       Michele Ceriotti (Switzerland)
•       Clemence Corminboeuf (Switzerland)
•       Martin Head-Gordon (United States)
•       Heather Kulik (United States)
•       Anatole von Lilienfeld (Switzerland)
•       Nicola Marzari (Switzerland)
•       Markus Meuwly (Switzerland)
•       Michele Parrinello (Switzerland)
•       Sereina Riniker (Switzerland)
•       Didier Rognan (France)
•       Alessandro De Vita (United Kingdom)
To attend this conference, please fill in our registration form: <>
On behalf of the organizing committee, we look forward to welcoming you at CC2AI!

Cordially, the organizers
Ursula Roethlisberger
Nicholas Browning
Murat Kılıç
Justin Villard
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