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Tue Nov 28 15:52:39 UTC 2017

Dear all,

I am currently trying to understand parts of the code so that I can adjust 
it for my needs, but I am somehow stucked on how CP2K calculates the forces 
acting on particles, more precisely, how cp2k evaluates the DISTANCE 

In colvar_methods.F, I think everything is still quite clear for me and as 
far as I understood it, the code is basically computing the forces f_i, 
f_j, f_k and f_l and adds them to the colvar.dsdr.
But what comes next? I would have expected that the code somehow makes use 
of an harmonic potential which is added to the potential energy surface. 
But instead -- as far as I understood it -- the program makes a call to the 
subroutine get_clv_force (in colvar_utils.F), which computes the forces of 
the collective variables and a metric tensor making use of the for me very 
unknown "Wilson-Eliashevich Matrix". 

I have probably a lot of missunderstandings regarding how the codes work, 
and I would appreciate clarifications very much

With best wishes

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