Density of States

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Mon May 29 10:54:17 UTC 2017

Dear Rizwan,
I have a similar  files with PDOS obtained from cp2k and I don't know how 
to plot the figure of total DOS and PDOS vs energy.  When I use gnuplot, 
the figure looks very sharp and different with other paper. Would you 
please suggest me how can I make plot clear and broad?


在 2017年3月29日星期三 UTC+8下午1:23:27,Rizwan Nabi写道:

> Dear Yeliz,
> Sorry for late response as I was out of the station. Well, I have got the 
> density of states file but I am not able to get DOS plot similar to that of 
> already reported in the literature. Would you please suggest me what to do 
> next? 
> I also tried with xmgrace visualization software but there seems to be 
> something wrong with my plot. 
> I am attaching all the DOS files generated so far, please have a look into 
> them as for suggesting me what to do.
> Regards,
> Rizwan
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