Getting started with CP2K

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Tue Jun 20 09:52:33 UTC 2017


The CP2K website is a good source of CP2K-specific tutorials, exercises and 
howtos. I would recommend starting with the latest CECAM CP2K tutorial 
<>. The talks from 
that event cover most aspects of CP2K and include references to further 
information. For additional hands-on experience with CP2K, I'd suggest you 
look at the course material under the exercises 
<> page.



tiistai 20. kesäkuuta 2017 1.56.13 UTC+3 Henrique Junior kirjoitti:
> Dear colleagues, how are you?
> I have some experience working with softwares like Gaussian, ORCA and 
> GAMESS but very soon I'll have to start dealing with solid state chemistry 
> and systems that, in general, could benefit from the use with softwares 
> able to deal with unitary cells and periodic boundary conditions. Could you 
> suggest good "getting started" sources like articles, blogs, videos or 
> books for someone with zero experience with CP2K?
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