ELPA, compiled, linked, but CP2K does't recognize

Luiz Fernando Lopes Oliveira olive... at gmail.com
Fri Jun 16 00:43:28 UTC 2017


I sucessufuly compiled elpa-2016.05 and added these flats to my .arch file:

LIBS += -L$(ELPA_LIB) -lelpa

which produced no error during the CP2K compilation. 

I had to use LD_LIBRARY_PATH and point to libelpa.so.4.

So far so good, my problem comes when I used the keyword 
 PREFERRED_DIAG_LIBRARY ELPA in my input, the output says WARNING : 
DIAGONALIZATION library ELPA is not available  Trying SCALAPACK

Am I using the correct the correct flags in .arch file? 

I know that that's not what the HOWTO page says, but using those flags I 
couldn't even compile the code.
I found the ones I mentioned above here in the forum.

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