Basic tutorial for all-electron calculations (HF, MP2, ...)

Vladimir Rybkin rybk... at
Mon Jul 31 11:39:43 UTC 2017

Dear Christian,

I have added my MP2/RPA tutorial, which includes input files on the page of 
the passed User Tutorial 2017.

You can find more examples - HF and MP2/RPA - in the exercises:



суббота, 22 июля 2017 г., 1:42:33 UTC+2 пользователь Christian Leitold 
> Hi,
> I am new in the field of electronic calculations, and I am looking for 
> some basic tutorials. In particular, right now I am interested in doing HF 
> and MP2 calculations for simple molecules in the gas phase, no PBCs, and no 
> DFT. The tutorials I could find so far look really good, but I could only 
> find them for DFT calculations. Could you maybe point me to some examples 
> of Hartree-Fock-only calculations?
> Thanks,
> Christian
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