[CP2K:9272] Re: libcusmm, libsmm, libxsmm: mutual exclusive or not?

hqzhou hqz... at nju.edu.cn
Mon Jul 31 06:45:31 UTC 2017

Hi, Alfio

Thank you very much! I also made clear the internal mechanism, they have fallback

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Subject:  [CP2K:9272] Re: libcusmm, libsmm, libxsmm: mutual exclusive or not?

Hi Huiqun Zhou,
libcusmm + libsmm_dnn is OK. 


Il giorno sabato 29 luglio 2017 13:12:48 UTC+2, Huiqun Zhou ha scritto:Hi,

libcusmm, libsmm and libxsmm are all used for small matrix multiplication,
I wonder whether it is sufficient to include only the GPU version, libcusmm, on my
desktop computer with a Tesla K40 equipped. I have tried to include libsmm_dnn
and it seems OK, but I don't know if it is meaningful.

Huiqun Zhou
@Earth Sciences, Nanjing University


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