[CP2K:8553] error in computing dissociation energy

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to add to the post of Vladimir:

Be careful with the basis sets (SZV is not reasonable in CH4).
Be consistent: use the same box and cutoff and Poisson solver for all
Be aware that pseudopotentials are known to have problems when
comparing energies for systems with different spin multiplicities.


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Subject: [CP2K:8553] error in computing dissociation energy

Dear CP2K users,
I did some basic testing on bond dissociation energies on a small set of molecules using PBE functional.
I compared my results with literature (http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s00214-007-0401-8 ) and with results obtained using ADF. 

However CP2K results are quite different from my reference and ADF. I tried to play with settings (e.g. turn off the periodicity), but this did not lead to any improvement.
Afterwards I decided to do some basic testing, using test files. Especially I tested following input files:


However, for CH4 case I obtained quite a difference between the numbers given in txt TEST_FILES, where I assume numbers which I should obtain are stores. I tested two versions of CP2K (4.0 and 2.6), and numbers are still the same. Now I am struggling what might be wrong. Please, do you have any suggestions?

Below you can find example of input files and my data

(for all cases we assume homolytic dissociation)

CH3-CH3 -> CH3 + CH3        92.59 (96.79) kcal/mol 
CH3-OCH3 -> CH3 + OCH3       81.48 (87.24) kcal/mol
CH3-isopropyl -> CH3 + isopropyl         86.01 (89.65) kcal/mol
OCH3 - isopropyl ->                    77.69 (84.08) kcal/mol

Numbers in parentheses are from literature.

The results from testing files:
CH3-PBE0_TC.inp         -7.98384  (-7.94392) a.u.
CH3-PBE0_TC_LRC.inp    -7.34353  (-7.34351) a.u.
cCH4-PBE0_TC.inp        -7.35850  (-7.35848) a.u.
CH4-PBE0_TC_LRC.inp    -8.00130  (-7.96099) a.u.
Numbers in parentheses are from corresponding TXT file TEST_FILES (/tests/QS/regtest-hybrid-4/)

Thank you for any help


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