[CP2K:8533] Re: segmentation error when running Monte Carlo with QS in cp2k versions 2.7 and forwards

Andreas Glöss andreas... at gmail.com
Tue Jan 10 10:44:13 UTC 2017

Dear Luis,

I gave it a try. hmc.inp (the QS-MC) runs fine (>14 MC steps) here 
(CP2K-r17657), while bias_template.inp stops - no SegFault - with a message 
about a missing file during write. The latter is definitely a bug and will 
be fixed. As a quick workaround specify:

    RESTART no
    RESTART_FILE_NAME dummy_restart_file

in the MC section. It seems that the default file name is missing in 
'write_mc_restart' and CP2K tries to write the file, even thought it will 
not be used afterward.

Does this solve your problem - for now?

Best regards,
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