[CP2K:8945] G vector not found

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the problem is related to your setup/structure. In the first step
of your NPT MD the cell volume collapses from about 6000 to 0.003.
CP2K is then no longer able to setup a reasonable grid structure,
resulting in a missed sanity check on the parallel distribution.

Solution: check your setup, e.g. barostat settings, and preequilibrate
          the system


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Subject: [CP2K:8945] G vector not found

Hi all

I am trying to do a NPT simulation for a molecular crystal,
but it fails after the first SCF with the error “G vector not found”? and some
output shown below.


7    14991.2062900574

1   103764.4308492253


MPI_ABORT was invoked on rank 0 in communicator

with errorcode 1.


Best wishes 



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