[CP2K:8211] DATA_DIR (was: Release of CP2K version 4.1)

Ole Schütt o... at schuett.name
Wed Oct 5 20:18:46 UTC 2016

Hi Michael,

there is no need for patching. You can simply set the variable DATA_DIR 
in your arch-file:

CPPFLAGS    = ...
DATA_DIR    = /usr/share/cp2k/


On 2016-10-05 20:13, Michael Banck wrote:
> Hi,
> On Wed, Oct 05, 2016 at 10:28:43AM -0700, Matthias Krack wrote:
>> we are pleased to announce the release of the CP2K version 4.1
>> (October 5, 2016) <http://www.cp2k.org/news>.
> Any reason it's 4.1 and not 4.0?
> Anyway, I noticed the build now defines __DATA_DIR on the compile line,
> hardcoded to `pwd`/data.
> So if you define it yourself in the archfile, this gets overriden.  
> This
> appears to be a problem for packagers, as the data files are the main
> thing CP2K needs to know where they are once it's installed as an .rpm
> or .deb.
> I'll just patch that out for now.
> Michael
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