New Release of LIBXSMM

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Wed Oct 5 13:01:25 UTC 2016

*LIBXSMM 1.5 has been released*. You can read more about what's *INTRODUCED 
*(also see below), the *CHANGES *in general, and what has been *FIXED*:

The library was carefully validated, the SMM core functionality received 
fixes for issues which are not exposed by CP2K (but are present in previous 
releases of LIBXSMM). The validation was against a variety of applications; 
most relevant here are CP2K's regression tests. These tests have been even 
stronger by using LIBXSMM's linker wrapper 
<> to pass *all *GEMM calls 
through the LIBXSMM library including calls that are made by other 
libraries such as LAPACK. Most notable for the Supercomputing Centers might 
be support for the CRAY Compiling Environment (CCE), but also the support 
for PGI's compiler. Please note, the JIT code generation under Microsoft 
Windows is still pending, and due to missing support for the calling 
convention this applies equally to Cygwin.


   - New DNN API, sample code, and benchmarks (Googlenetv1, DeepBench, and 
   - Enabled tiled GEMM support in static/dynamic wrapper; MT support via 
   - More format variations of sparse matrix multiplication (dense/sparse 
   - Sample code showing sparse matrix multiplication (PyFR examples 
   - Published synchronization layer (atomics, and simple/bare 
   OS-thread/lock abstraction)
   - Introduced mini-API for optimized barrier implementation (general 
   multicore support)
   - Introduced API for memory allocation (malloc interface); mostly 
   exposed from internal API
   - Beside of Intel VTune, now Linux perf and jitdump are supported (Thank 
   you Maciej D.!)
   - SPECFEM sample: received nicely written example contribution (Thank 
   you Daniel P.!)
   - OSX (incl. "El Capitan") now supports Intel Compiler, Apple/Clang, and 
   - CRAY's Compiling Environment (CCE) is now supported
   - PGI compiler is now supported

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