ELPA, libsmm and/or libxsmm. what is the best libraries combination?

David T amazing... at gmail.com
Sun May 15 15:44:10 UTC 2016

Dear All

I've just started using cp2k I am not really expert in libraries I would 
like to have some opinions form developers and experts (both of cp2k and 

a) If I understood correctly libxsmm make sense only on intel machine. 
Assuming this is the case, are libxsmm and libsmm complementary or they do 
the same job?

aa) if they do the same things what is the best one? 

b) I managed to have cp2k with ELPA, does it make any sense having cp2k 
compiled with ELPA plus libsmm and/or libxsmm? 
my guess here is that yes it does, is it true?

Many thanks and apologies if my questions are silly

P.S. I know the best way it would be testing which I will do it, still 
having opinions from people more expert than you and sharing experience it 
is useful I think.
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