[CP2K:7734] problems with periodic MP2

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I would start by tightening some of the cutoffs:

EPS_SCHWARZ use at least the default value of 1.e-10, maybe even tighter.
EPS_DEFAULT use 1.e-12 or even 1.e-14 if necessary.

Start from a DFT density and use SCREEN_ON_INITIAL_P.

Try to get the HF calculation first, don't do the MP2.
Only use a small number of steps.


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Dear CP2K users,
I am trying to do a single point calculations of a zeolite system using MP2. However, after 300 steps SCF run did not converge (which itself I do not consider as a problem), but the total energies does not seem right for me.  They are in order of magnitude 10 000 a.u. and the fluctuations between iteration steps are of the same magnitude. I expect the total energy of the system to be around 450 a.u., which is a way lower as those numbers. As I have no experience with MP2, I have not a very much idea what can be wrong with my setup, or, if this kind of behavior is normal for MP2. I did the same calculation, but with the water molecule in the given unit cell, and there everything seems to be ok.

I have attached the input and output file.

Thank you for any comments!


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