[CP2K:7489] Buffer overflow in cp2k_shell.popt

Eric Hermes erich... at gmail.com
Wed Mar 9 15:48:24 UTC 2016

> Interesting. I've never seen this, but I only build with gcc. 
> I will try building CP2K with the GNU compilers, though my cluster is 
> running CentOS 6 (or a derivative thereof), so the latest gfortran 
> available to me is 4.4.6. To get CP2K to compile, do I need to specify 
> something like -std=f2003
Apologies for sending so many message in a row, but it turns out I cannot 
build CP2K with the version of the gfortran compiler I have installed. 
Attempting to do so results in the following error message:

    Included at 

    r2p(1:d1,1:d2) => r1p(1:d1*d2)
Error: Pointer bounds remapping at (1) is not yet implemented in gfortran

This is repeated 6 times, for lines 155-160 in dbcsr_ptr_util.F.

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