EFIELD_CUBE around molecule

Gary gary... at mail.mcgill.ca
Fri Jul 8 17:46:30 UTC 2016

Hello again,

I am trying to find the the electric field above a planar molecule E(z). I 
thought that I had to use RESP, but I think what I am looking for is 

*Controls the printing of cube files with electric field generated by the 
total density (electrons+ions). It is valid only for QS with GPW formalism 

The question I have now is how do I use this volumetric file as input for 
MATLAB or Python, so that I could manipulate it? Also, the CUBE file seems 
to only be for a certain surface around the molecule. What if I want to 
make this surface larger, ie. increasing z? 

Thank you for your patience everyone!

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