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Wed Jan 13 02:52:38 UTC 2016

Dear CP2K experts,

I am running a system with MO print out and would like to check on the 
changes of HOMO and LUMO energy of my system.
However, i only managed to get the LUMO energy as per below.

  Lowest Eigenvalues of the unoccupied subspace spin            1
  Reached convergence in          119  iterations
       0.02037228      0.05911493

  Lowest Eigenvalues of the unoccupied subspace spin            2
  Reached convergence in           89  iterations
       0.05501903      0.08163833

 HOMO - LUMO gap [eV] :    0.554358
 HOMO - LUMO gap [eV] :    1.497144

is the HOMO-LUMO gap calculated by using the eigenvalue? for instance 
(eigenvalue of HOMO) - (eigenvalue of LUMO 0.02037228) 
*May i know is it possible to print out the value of HOMO and LUMO for the 
gap as calculated?*

below is the part of my input file.

                MULTIPLICITY 2
                CHARGE -1
                ROKS ON
                        ORBITAL_SET UNPAIRED
                        SIC_METHOD MAURI_SPZ
                        SIC_SCALING_A 0.3
                        SIC_SCALING_B 0.2
                &END SIC
                        EPS_DEFAULT 1.0E-10
                &END QS
                        NGRIDS 5
                        CUTOFF 280
                        REL_CUTOFF 40
                &END MGRID
                        &XC_FUNCTIONAL PBE
                           PARAMETRIZATION REVPBE
                          &END PBE
                        &END XC_FUNCTIONAL
                            TYPE DFTD3(BJ)
                            D3BJ_SCALING 1.000 0.5238 2.3550 3.5016
                            CALCULATE_C9_TERM OFF
                          &END PAIR_POTENTIAL
                        &END VDW_POTENTIAL
                &END XC
                        SCF_GUESS RESTART
                        EPS_SCF 5.0E-6
                        MAX_SCF 100
                        &OT ON
                                MINIMIZER DIIS
                                ROTATION ON
                        &END OT
                        &MIXING T
                                METHOD BROYDEN_MIXING
                                ALPHA 0.4
                                NBROYDEN 8
                        &END MIXING
                &END SCF
                        PERIODIC NONE
                        POISSON_SOLVER MT
                &END POISSON
                        &END MO
                        NHOMO 2
                        NLUMO 2
                        &END MO_CUBES
                &END PRINT
        &END DFT


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