missing fortran routines for plumed 1.3 ?

HolgerKruse mail2... at gmail.com
Tue Aug 30 09:54:56 UTC 2016


I have a few months old cp2k version from the github mirror, working fine 
without plumed.
Trying to recompile it with plumed 1.3 following the wiki entry gives me 
the following error:

"undefined reference to `__cell_types_MOD_pbc_cp2k_plumed"

Looking into the plumed code I find these are wrapper functions for fortran 
code (metadyn.h):
extern "C" void pbc_cp2k_plumed( real*, real*, real* ); 
extern "C" void __cell_types_MOD_pbc_cp2k_plumed( real*, real*, real* );

But neither of these are present in the cp2k source code, which is 
Anyone any ideas?


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