Parallel CP2K installation using MKL

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Fri Apr 1 07:24:15 UTC 2016

Hi Kwon,

Sorry, but your post isn't understandable - so I guess what your questions 
Your benchmark results are correct and, depending on the hardware behind, 
also the timings look reasonable.

>From the header of a calculation-output one can extract all important data 
about the version, compile time, .... See:

 CP2K| version string:                                        CP2K version 2.6.2
 CP2K| source code revision number:                                    svn:15893
 CP2K| is freely available from                   
 CP2K| Program compiled at                          Fri Apr  1 10:17:36 KST 2016
 CP2K| Program compiled on                                                 eagle
 CP2K| Program compiled for                                   Linux-x86-64-intel

Please go on now with a full regression test to ensure numerical 
correctness for all tests - the steps are described in the link of my last 
If you are unsure on how to interpret the results, just attach the 
regression-test output in your next post.

Best regards,
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