Error compiling CP2K 2.6 with GFortran 4.8.4

DEC014 dcoss... at
Thu Nov 19 18:01:58 UTC 2015

I'm not sure where this error is coming from.  I've compiled CP2K many 
times and haven't run into this before.  It seems like GFortran is looking 
for files associated with compile date when creating the executable files. 
 I've seen this with 
graph.popt, dbcsr_example_1.popt, dbcsr_example_2.popt, dbcsr_example_3.popt, 
dbcsr_performance_driver.popt, dbcsr_test_csr_conversions.popt, dbcsr_test_driver.popt, 
cp2k.popt, and cp2k_shell.popt.  I can manually compile the executable by 
going to the associated object folder location and compiling manually from 
the command line.  I'm using the latest 2.6 branch version from the SVN 
repository (v2.6.2  rev 15893).  All of the executables work after 
compiling them manually without any issues.  However, when using make 
ARCH=${ARCH_FILE} VERSION=popt from the makefiles folder I get the 
following errors:

gfortran: error: Nov: No such file or directory
gfortran: error: 18: No such file or directory
gfortran: error: 18:54:57: No such file or directory
gfortran: error: EST: No such file or directory
gfortran: error: 2015\"": No such file or directory

Below is my ARCH file:
MKL_ROOT = /p/home/apps/intel/composer_xe_2015.3.187/mkl
MKL_LIB  = $(MKLROOT)/lib/intel64
MKL_INC  = $(MKLROOT)/include
FFTW_LIB = /app/COST/fftw3/3.3.4/gnu/lib
FFTW_INC = /app/COST/fftw3/3.3.4/gnu/include
CCM_LIB  = /app/ccm/lib
MPI_INC  = /p/home/apps/sgi/mpt-2.12-sgi712r26/include
MPI_LIB  = /p/home/apps/sgi/mpt-2.12-sgi712r26/lib
CC       = gcc
CPP      =
FC       = mpif90
LD       = mpif90
AR       = ar -r
-I$(MKLROOT)/include/intel64/lp64 -I$(MPI_INC)
           -D__HAS_NO_MPI_MOD -D__MKL -D__HAS_smm_dnn -D__HAS_smm_dnt \
           -D__HAS_smm_dtn -D__HAS_smm_dtt -D__HAS_smm_snn -D__HAS_smm_snt \
           -D__HAS_smm_stn -D__HAS_smm_stt -D__HAS_smm_vec
FCFLAGS  = -O3 -m64 -ffast-math -funroll-loops -ftree-vectorize 
-march=native \
           -ffree-form  $(DFLAGS)  -g $(CPPFLAGS)
LIBS     = $(MKL_LIB)/libmkl_blas95_lp64.a 
$(MKL_LIB)/libmkl_lapack95_lp64.a  \
           $(MKL_LIB)/libmkl_scalapack_lp64.a -Wl,--start-group 
$(MKL_LIB)/libmkl_gf_lp64.a \
           $(MKL_LIB)/libmkl_core.a $(MKL_LIB)/libmkl_sequential.a 
$(MKL_LIB)/libmkl_blacs_sgimpt_lp64.a \
           -Wl,--end-group -lfftw3_threads -lfftw3 -lpthread -lm -lquadmath 
$(CCM_LIB)/libsmm_dnt_sgi-ice.gnu.mkl.a \
$(CCM_LIB)/libsmm_dtt_sgi-ice.gnu.mkl.a \
$(CCM_LIB)/libsmm_snt_sgi-ice.gnu.mkl.a \

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