[CP2K:7115] Error when using the B2PLYPD3 functional

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as the output says: no gradients available for this method.
Gradients are only available for MP2, not the double-hybrid methods.


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Subject: [CP2K:7115] Error when using the B2PLYPD3 functional

Dear CP2K developers and users,
I am trying to run MD simulation (using CP2K version 2.7) in NVT ensemble with B2PLYP functional (DFT-D3 dispersion corrected). 
After SCF convergence, however, the program reported the error as following,

 MP2 section -----------
 ******************************************************************** *** 22:53:20 ERRORL2 in mp2:mp2_main processor 0  :: err=-300 No *** *** forces/gradients for the selected method.mp2.F line 232      *** ********************************************************************

 ===== Routine Calling Stack ===== 
            5 mp2_main            4 qs_energies_scf            3 qs_forces            2 qs_mol_dyn_low            1 CP2K

The B2PLYP functional information was copied from the cp2k/tests/QS/regtest-double-hybrid-3/H2O_B2PLYP_D3.inp file.
I think I must lost some keywords related to MP2. 
Please see the attached my input and output files. 

Any suggestion is welcomed.
Thanks a lot.


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