Using the MCY3 functional in CP2K

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Wed Mar 25 10:39:46 UTC 2015

Hi Samuel,

thanks a lot for pointing this out, I should have thought of this.

>From looking at the XC_FUNCTIONAL section in these regtests, I have some 
remaining questions

   - Do I understand correctly that the &LYP_ADIABATIC together with the 
   &BECKE88 represent the first term in eq. (18) of the paper 
   (the W_{\lambda_p}^{BLYP}) ?
   - Is it possible that in the regtest 
   tests/QS/regtest-hybrid-3/Li-hybrid-MCY3.inp and Ne-hybrid-MCY3.inp the 
   scaling parameters c_2 and c_3 have been confused? According to the paper, 
   the scaling c2 for the long-range B88 exchange should be -(1+a)=-1.05601, 
   while c_3 for Hartree-Fock should be 1-a=0.94399.
   - Some indications on the meaning of the two HF sections would still be 
   greatly appreciated.


On Wednesday, March 25, 2015 at 8:02:39 AM UTC+1, Samuel Andermatt wrote:
> I do not know the solution, but what could help is to have a look at the 
> files in the test section of CP2K. There are two files that use the MCY3 
> functional:
> tests/QS/regtest-hybrid-3/Li-hybrid-MCY3.inp
> tests/QS/regtest-hybrid-3/Ne-hybrid-MCY3.inp
> If you didn't compile CP2K yourself you can also find the files under: 
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