Non-integer charge in the classical part of QM/MM system

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Fri Jul 31 16:34:26 UTC 2015

Dear All,
I am trying to study an enzymatic reaction of an enzyme using CP2K. While
running the QM/MM simulation I notice the following,

 CHARGE_INFO| Total Charge of the Classical System:
Charge                                                                  -2

>From an old post!searchin/cp2k/charge$20QM$2FMM/cp2k/1BGZ2N3fSKc/J9E5HjI1o4cJ
 I realize that the user should take care of the non-integer charge, if it
is there.

In my system, the reaction substrates in the active site have a total -2
charge while the surrounding amino acids are all neutral. Thus in the DFT
section I have mentioned the following,
     CHARGE -2

I have checked my .psf file, and the sum of all the atomic charges of the
system is zero.

So, my query is whether the partial charge arises due to the inappropriate
selection of amino acid fragments in the QM region?
I would appreciate if someone could help me in this issue.

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