CP2K installation error.

Kalyanashis Jana kalyan.... at gmail.com
Tue Jul 28 08:59:37 UTC 2015

Hi David,

If you have installed Intel MPI somewhere in /home1/bganguly/intel, there
> should be a impi folder (like there is a mkl folder).
> It's by default like
> intel/impi/$IMPI_VERSION/intel64/bin
> Yeah, I have installed the MPI library in /home1/bganguly/intel

> And you have here: mpirun/mpiexec/mpiicc/mpiicpc/mpiifort.
> These commands are there in

> The mpi you have (sgi/mpt/mpt-2.01/) is the SGI Message Passing Toolkit
> (SGI MPI if i'm correct)
> Which version on Intel MPI did you installed ? Part of a package (like
> intel parallel studio XE cluster) or as a seperate bundle ? What are your
> version of intel compilers (11 ? 12 ? 14 ? 15 ?).
> Or you're trying to use a MPI (SGI or other) with intel compilers ?

I have installed mkl library as a separate bundle and the version was 11.
But I have installed the mkl library and the MPI library in the same
directory. After that, I do not find out mkl library related folder such as
mkl or other folder are not   Can you please tell me the proper way to
compile these two library?

Thanks with regards,
Kalyanashis Jana
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