Hartree Fock Exchange of LC-BLYP and LC_wPBE Functional

Raghavendra V raghav... at gmail.com
Mon Feb 16 19:19:03 UTC 2015

Dear Admin,

Thank you for accepting my request. I am V. Raghavendra , a research 
scholar from India, working in the area of computational chemistry . I am 
one year old research scholar and I am trying to get my fundamentals and 
basics right in the area of DFT and other computational chemistry topics.

I have a question regarding two of the DFT functionals. 

Can someone please tell me what is the Hartree Fock Exchange(HFX) value for 
LC-BLYP and  LC_wPBE Functional. I know they are long range corrected 
functionals but not sure of their HFX value.

Thank you,
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