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CP2K+OMEN is an ongoing project. In order to be able to perform transport 
calculations you would need the latest version of OMEN installed on your 
local machine. The version of OMEN that works together with CP2K is not yet 
freely available but is planned to become so. Once released we will add 
test cases together with a detailed tutorial page on how to use the code. 

Best regards,
M H Bani-Hashemian

On Wednesday, December 23, 2015 at 3:27:17 PM UTC+1, Luca wrote:
> Dear Developers 
> I have just got the news about the fresh release of cp2k. I have read that 
> among the improvements there is the coupling of cp2k with the quantum 
> transport code OMEN. I checked the tests dir in search of examples but I 
> did not find any example of transport calculations. Where is possible to 
> find them?
> All the best
> Merry Christmas 
> Luca Sementa 
> PhD Unimore
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