Installation of libint and libxc using the Cray Compiler wrappers

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Tue Dec 1 14:24:06 UTC 2015

Dear all,

I am trying to install the libint-1.1.4 and libxc-2.2.0 libraries in order
to compile cp2k-2.5.0 on a Cray supercomputer ( Titan).
When I am trying to use the cc and CC wrappers in the Cray environment
I cannot compile the libraries. On the other hand, there is no problem
with gnu and intel compilers.
Any ideas on how to resolve this problem?

The error message for libxc is:
libtool: link: cc -g -O2 -o xc-info xc-info.o  -lm ./.libs/libxc.a
./.libs/libxc.a(gga_c_q2d.o): In function 
undefined reference to `xc_gga_c_q2d_func'
/opt/cray/cce/8.4.0/cray-binutils/x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu/bin/ld: link 
errors found, deleting executable `xc-info'

libint error:

make[3]: Entering directory 
if test -f "make_libsrcdir"; then \
make rm_libsrcdir; \
fi; \
/usr/bin/install -c -d -m 0755 tmp/libint || exit 1; \
ln -s tmp/libint src || exit 1; \
    echo "Last time the library source directory was created:\c" > 
date >> make_libsrcdir
cp -f 
cd src; 
/bin/sh: line 1: 13487 Illegal instruction     
make[3]: *** [tmp/libint/libint.h] Error 132

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