[CP2K:6398] Metadynamics for O-H bond rotation

Petko Petkov oh... at chem.uni-sofia.bg
Thu Apr 23 11:03:52 UTC 2015

Hi, you can specify a BOND_ROTATION collective variable but to me is some 
how easier to specify a TORSION coll var. In  the TORSION colvar you have to 
specify the 4 atoms that define the rotation you want to monitor and 
calculate the Free energy.
Here is an example for rotation in butane around  C2-C3 bond :

WW     1.0000000000000000E-03
       DO_HILLS  T
       LAGRANGE  T
         LAMBDA     1.5936014512255684E-02
         MASS     9.9999999999999982E+00
         SCALE     1.0000000000000001E-01
         COLVAR  1

in &SUBSYS section:
         ATOMS  1 2 3 4



Assist. Prof. Dr. Petko St. Petkov  

Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy 

University of Sofia  

1126 Sofia, Bulgaria  

tel: +359 2 8161 433

website: http://computationalcatalysis.eu 


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Subject: [CP2K:6398] Metadynamics for O-H bond rotation

Dear cp2k users,I have a very specific question. What kind of  Collective 
Variables are required to study the bond rotation in metadynamics 
simulations ?Thanks.


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