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This has now been fixed with commit 
dfc1bdb00e2f7d5ed97efb28c5ad125960b736b1 for those who use official Git 
repo. I would lean towards keeping the old ELPA API as supported despite 
the slightly increased maintenance burden, because it is a difference in a 
single function call. Also, Debian 8 and Fedora 21 ship the old ELPA. 
Fedora 22 and later will ship new version. All Ubuntu versions, up to 
15.04, ship old ELPA.

Another macro, say __ELPA2 can be introduced for new API support, as was 
done with __LIBXC. The old macro can eventually be removed. I'm willing to 
provide a patch if this is an acceptable solution.


Vedran Miletić

Dana utorak, 9. prosinca 2014. u 11:31:16 UTC+1, korisnik Alin Marin Elena 
napisao je:
> Hi, 
> The elpa released this year[1] has some changes that make cp2k not to 
> build against. 
> The main change relates to transformation of subroutines in functions 
> where comes to interface. 
> I have patched cp2k, attached, to take care of this. At the moment the 
> patch obsoletes the old elpa interface. If needed I can add a new 
> ELPA2014 to keep them both but my internal feeling is against. 
> Another question for me now is related to the role of m1 pointer, 
> seems to be useless in there, probably the compiler will even take it 
> out for more aggressive optimisations. 
> regards, 
> Alin 
> [1] 
> elpa-2014.06.001.tar.gz : This version provides a new API and ABI for 
> the ELPA library: ELPA-2 kernels do not have to be specified at 
> build-time anymore. Instead, all kernels possible for the build 
> machine are packed into the library and the user can choose at 
> run-time the desired kernel from all available kernels. Also, the 
> library does not abort on error anymore, but rather returns an error 
> flag which the calling program can catch and act upon it. As always, 
> the functionality of all previous versions is included. The checksum 
> is included in elpa-2014.06.001.tar.gz.sha1 and a PGP signature is 
> available in elpa-2014.06.001.tar.gz.asc. 
> http://elpa.rzg.mpg.de/elpa-tar-archive 
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