Question of CP2K run on SDSC Gordon Cluster

C Mason bono... at
Fri Sep 5 19:18:53 UTC 2014

Dear everyone,

I tried to run CP2K with mpi on Gordon, but I got an error at the beginning 
of the run. Error said: 

[][child_handler] Error in init phase, 
aborting! (0/16 mpispawn connections)

and here's my submit script in batch file:

#PBS -q normal
#PBS -l nodes=16:ppn=16:native
#PBS -l walltime=12:00:00
#PBS -N asp_01
#PBS -o asp_01.out
#PBS -e asp_01.err
cd /oasis/scratch/tony66/temp_project
mpirun_rsh -np 256 -hostfile $PBS_NODEFILE /opt/cp2k/bin/cp2k.popt 
'/oasis/scratch/tony66/temp_project/asphalt_average_O2_2.inp' > 

The path of submit script is /oasis/scratch/tony66/temp_project/.
Can anyone help me figure out anything wrong?
BTW, is the version of CP2K on Gordon Cluster capable for MPI or OpenMP?

Sincerely thank you!
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