[CP2K:5616] Compiling-with-plumed option disappeared in trunk version?

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Tue Sep 2 11:27:18 UTC 2014


we are looking into this problem. 


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Subject: [CP2K:5616] Compiling-with-plumed option disappeared in trunk version?

Dear CP2K developers,

Due to major upgrade in my cluster computers, I needed to run calculation with the trunk version of CP2K.
(Cholesky error prevented me to run with the fastest number of nodes, when I recompiled CP2K 2.5.1.
Thus, I had to reduce the number of nodes or try a trunk version.)

Everything ok about compiling and calculations, including regtests.
However, compiling-with-plumed seems to be disappeared when the new makefile was introduced in revision 13688.

I'm not sure whether I can edit the Makefile since its structure looks quite different from 2.5.1
Can I still compile with plumed by editing the Makefile, or further modification will be necessary to compile together?

Thank you in advance!

Yuske Kaneta  
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