restart multiple walker metadynamics

Julian Garrec julian... at
Mon Jul 21 21:42:33 UTC 2014

Dear all,

I am quite new to CP2K and I have some issues with restarting multiple 
walker metadynamics. Please find a tar that contains a full example with 2 
walkers here. 

I have tried two kinds of restarts (2_restart and 2_restart_b) that differ 
only by file '' (in the latter case, the script copies the directory 
'' from the previous simulation).

The main (farming) input file is 'farming.inp. It redirects toward 
directories 'dir-1' and 'dir-2' (one for each walker).

In all cases, I get the error:

 *** 23:28:54 ERRORL2 in metadynamics_utils:restart_hills processor 0  :: 
 *** err=-300 condition FAILED at line 780                                

Could anybody help me to fix this issue ?


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