[CP2K:5505] large memory with nonlocal vdW

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for small systems the memory is dominated by the grid.
The size of the grid depends on the size of the computational box
and the cutoff. 
For the vdW functionals we need a relative large number of additional
grids. This explains the strong increase in memory for your system.


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I'm trying a water dimer calculation with the XC_GGA_X_OPTB88_VDW functional and with the DZVP-MOLOPT-GTH basis set (input file attached).  On one Sandy Bridge processor node using 16 MPI processes, a system memory monitor is reporting mem=17572912kb, which is rather large for this small calculation.  Changing to the built-in CP2K implementation of revPBE, the maximum memory usage is mem=6117036kb, about 3 times smaller.  Is this a known problem?  Or perhaps it is a system-dependent problem?

When I try TRACE in the GLOBAL section of the input, I'm seeing near the end of the output

 000000:000016<<    1      1 CP2K     140.991 Hostmem: 1119 MB GPUmem: 0 MB

for the OptB88 case, and

 000000:000016<<    1      1 CP2K      29.834 Hostmem: 411 MB GPUmem: 0 MB

for the revPBE case. I'm not sure how to interpret that Hostmem figure.  Will someone provide guidance?  Is this helpful for debugging this situation?  I guess that it is the maximum amount of memory allocated by CP2K.

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