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Tue Dec 9 10:31:14 UTC 2014


The elpa released this year[1] has some changes that make cp2k not to
build against.
The main change relates to transformation of subroutines in functions
where comes to interface.

I have patched cp2k, attached, to take care of this. At the moment the
patch obsoletes the old elpa interface. If needed I can add a new
ELPA2014 to keep them both but my internal feeling is against.

Another question for me now is related to the role of m1 pointer,
seems to be useless in there, probably the compiler will even take it
out for more aggressive optimisations.


elpa-2014.06.001.tar.gz : This version provides a new API and ABI for
the ELPA library: ELPA-2 kernels do not have to be specified at
build-time anymore. Instead, all kernels possible for the build
machine are packed into the library and the user can choose at
run-time the desired kernel from all available kernels. Also, the
library does not abort on error anymore, but rather returns an error
flag which the calling program can catch and act upon it. As always,
the functionality of all previous versions is included. The checksum
is included in elpa-2014.06.001.tar.gz.sha1 and a PGP signature is
available in elpa-2014.06.001.tar.gz.asc.

Without Questions there are no Answers!
Dr. Alin Marin ELENA
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