SCCS Continuum solvation model

Nico Holmberg holmbe... at
Wed Dec 3 06:15:55 UTC 2014

Dear CP2K users & developers, 

I am interested in trying out the SCCS implicit solvent model by Andreussi 
et al. ("Revised self-consistent continuum solvation in 
electronic-structure calculations", 
According to the online input reference manual, this feature should be 
implemented in CP2K version 2.6, revision 14482 
However, when I downloaded the said version from the SVN repository, I 
found no mention of the method in the source code. I also tried looking at 
the SVN change logs for the bibliography and input parsing files 
(common/bibliography.F and input_cp2k_dft.F) but again I found nothing. 

If anyone is familiar with the current status of the SCCS method 
implementation I would appreciate any details you can provide.


Nico Holmberg
Doctoral candidate
Department of Chemistry, Aalto University

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