ERRORL2 in task_list_methods:optimize_load_list

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Wed Dec 18 11:15:50 UTC 2013

I have a series of QuickStep MD simulations, all for the same system, were 
some of the runs fail somewhere in the middle with the following error:

*** 14:11:19 ERRORL2 in task_list_methods:optimize_load_list processor 0 
*** :: err=-300 condition FAILED at line 968                             

===== Routine Calling Stack ===== 

          12 optimize_load_list
          11 load_balance_distributed
          10 distribute_tasks
           9 generate_qs_task_list
           8 qs_create_task_list
           7 qs_env_update_s_mstruct
           6 qs_energies_init_hamiltonians
           5 qs_energies_scf
           4 qs_forces
           3 velocity_verlet
           2 qs_mol_dyn_low
           1 CP2K

It doesn't say much about what can be done, nor what triggers the error. 
There's a comment in the source code which indicates it could be an 
out-of-memory error, but it has a small number of atoms and running on 512 
processors, in conditions where I've never seen this error before.

How can I diagnose this? What can I try to avoid it, or understand better 
what triggers it?

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