Energy difference across different versions of cp2k

Samuel Lamphier samuell... at
Mon Aug 5 15:44:57 UTC 2013


I have a file of Silica with a CO2 molecule, I have ran the same file 
across 3 versions of cp2k and each yielded different energies. I am 
wondering if someone can shed some light on this.

Version 2.2.275 yields an energy of -7256.2240584424
Version 2.3       yields an energy of -7256.0978611087
Version 2.4       yields an energy of -7256.1817346011

How can the same input file yield different energies? Which is correct? 
Also, if you take the restart file from one version and run it in another 
version, you get the opposite energies, i.e. running 2.3 in 2.2.275 yields 
the energy of 2.2.275 and running 2.2.275 in 2.3 yields the energy of 2.3.

Thank you for your input,
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