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Mon Nov 5 01:57:28 UTC 2012

Hello Aaron,

It depends on how many processors do you have on you machine and what are 
time limits.

To calculated Hessian matrix you need 6 * N single-point calculations (N is 
the number of atom in your system), each single-point calculation is 
performed with NPROC_REP processors. As mentioned in the previous post, 
there is no restart for the vibrational analysis. Initially try to set 
NPROC_REP to the typical number of processors you use for single-replica 
calculations (i.e. geometry optimization) and check how it is going.

Provided you are performing these calculations at DFT level, consider to 
start SCF (CP2K_INPUT <> / 
/ <>SCF_GUESS<>) 
from some reasonable wavefunction (i.e. ground state of an unperturbed 
system), I will save you a lot of CPU time.


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