Claudio marg... at gmail.com
Fri Mar 18 00:31:58 UTC 2011

Pablo, thanks for the reply. I am still unclear though ...
I never specify any units in my input file however when I input the
coordinates under

      ABC xx yy zz
      ALPHA_BETA_GAMMA   aa bb gg
<my coordinates>

they are correctly interpreted as being in A. I know this because the
output file reads:

<my coordinates>
       UNIT angstrom
       SCALED  F

Therefore, I do not know what units are being used in the cube file. I
can clearly open the cube file in something like VMD and it seems like
things should be in A (bond lengths are what one would expect in A
anyway). However I am unclear about the units of the density.

I am not sure if my email is totally clear, I can try again if it is

Thanks for your help!

On Mar 17, 4:19 pm, Campomanes Ramos Pablo <pablo.ca... at epfl.ch>
> Dear Claudio,
> if other units are not specified in the input reference, atomic units are used.
> Regards,
> Pablo.
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> To: cp2k
> Subject: [CP2K:3147] units of E_DENSITY_CUBE
> Dear all, I can't find in the manual what the units are for the
> electronic density in the cube file. Is it electrons/A^3, if not how
> do I tell from output or specify this on input?
> Thanks,
> Claudio
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