weird code in dbcsr

Noam Bernstein no... at
Fri Dec 30 16:28:09 UTC 2011

I'm trying to debug an intermittent crash, and in the process, I
noticed the following
in dbcsr_lib:

dbcsr_lib/dbcsr_transformations.F, line 2586, calls mp_alltoall for
passing count=2.  Not that send_count is allocated as (2,0:numnodes-1).

mp_alltoall_i22 in dbcsr_lib/dbcsr_message_passing_i.F, line 257, passes
count to mpi_alltoall.  I would have expected size(sb) and size(rb).

Does this make sense, and if so, why?

I'm using, I believe, the latest cvs version of the code.


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